(Yesterday's post. Busy busy busy yesterday and today, and I am feeling tired and uninspired, but the night is still young...there may be hope yet.)

I was convicted by a blog post by my cousin-in-law today. The quick-and-dirty version is, God doesn't want the $1000 bill of your life in one fell swoop. He will collect a quarter here (stuck in traffic), a dollar there (hard day at work), a penny here (having a migraine), a dime there (high prices at the pumps). And those denominations are harder for us to swallow sometimes. She quotes 2 Corinthians 12:15 and reminds us:

"This great illustration has challenged me to get on my knees before the Lord, and re-offer my $1000 to Him daily. To let Him know that I’m ready to give it, whether He wants it in hundred-dollar bills, or in pennies. And then to humbly ask Him for the grace I need to give it to Him gladly."

Read her blog post in its entirety here. She says it ever so much better than I can!

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