Today was my first attempt at freelensing. I have been wanting to try it so bad and decided to go for it today.

I had such fun! It's not easy - my fingers would cramp, I'd lose my focus, my eyes would water, my back is killing me...but it was worth it! I still have to work on my focus and exposure.

I really only got one "good" shot (above). My very first shot (testing; below) was slightly out of focus and a little underexposed, but it got me used to the technique:

Another technique I experimented with today was macro photography. More fun today! :)

This plant is slightly smaller than my pinky fingernail.

This plant is about the size of my fingertip.

I still have to work on my focus, just like with the freelensing. The second one turned out much better focus-wise, which is a miracle considering this plant is in a hanging basket and the wind is strong today!
I was going to try to get a shot inside my lilies but all the blossoms fell off during the day (they were ready to fall off, but we had a windstorm as well.) Ah, well, when my other flowers finally bloom, I'll have more opportunity!