Yes, you read that right. I went through a period of huge stress and haven't felt like picking up a camera (or doing much else) for the last 12 days. I am going to tack on the missing days to the end of the year instead of trying to backtrack and make them up.

I am getting back into the swing of things, though, and things are getting better. I even had a Flickr contact mention that he was looking forward to more 365's. Awww! :)

Day 35: 4-21-11

This is my entry for a Flikr group I belong to called Macro Mondays, in which there's a different themed challenge each week. This Monday's challenge is "Cream". I'm hitting it a double whammy by titling it "Apply creme for a creamy complexion." A bit obvious, but it's all I could come up with. ;) This isn't as "macro" as I like to have it, but it didn't look right unless you could see some of the rest of my features. And a lot of the other entries from other people are pretty wide-angle, lol, so I figure I'm safe. ;)

I used the Time Machine: Early Color filter on Paint Shop Pro, and desaturated the moisturizer to make it stand out more. My eye is a bit out of focus because I was using a tripod on manual focus pointed into the mirror, so it's not quite there but it's close enough for me.

Day 37: 4-23-11

My little Gund goat. I love him. He makes a little "maa" noise when you squeeze him.
I am loving this new app for my phone called Instamatic. I am tickled because it's free - I was contemplating downloading Hipstamatic for $1.99 but I saw my friend Lu using it, and I am hooked! So glad it's free! :D