Will add in Day 45 at some point in the future. I am keeping track of them, I swear!

This is the camera I am using for my try at Through The Viewfinder photography. It's a mid-to late '40's Kodak Brownie Target Six-20. It used to belong to my dad's brother. My first few attempts are below the 365 photo.

1928 Burroughs adding machine. (I made this one B&W.) This one was a toughie - hard to get it lined up and straight (if you've ever used a box camera, you know what I mean) and it was dim in the bedroom where this is, so it's a bit dark.

Titanic artifact? (also made B&W)

The neighbor's house. I got a sun reflection in there by mistake. I am just experimenting for now; I haven't rigged up a light blocking tube yet.

Me! :)