I'm being a good girl...I have stuck with the 365 for TWO WHOLE DAYS. How long do they say it takes to form a habit? Three weeks? So I'm about 1% in. ;)

Springtime. I love it! I am glad that it's not FREEZING anymore, and glad for the sunshine. Spring is dirt under your nails, fluffy clouds, blue skies, bees and bugs, and...dead flowers.

I store my plants in my garage during the winter, ostensibly to save their lives.

(Incidentally, I forgot the two out front and they languished through two days' worth of 18 degree weather...when they aren't supposed to be subjected to below 40 degrees. Obviously they are no longer with us.)

So today was the day I finally decided it was safe to bring them outside. My first job is to prune out all the dead leaves, stalks, and flowers. And it seems I always lose a few plants to the winter. (The garage doesn't get much light.) Two of them did die, and I am hoping it doesn't end up being more.

This brave little plant did so well last year, but this year, not so much. But it's triumphantly hanging on, and since it's a succulent (no idea what the actual plant name is), it is easily re-rooted. In the midst of death, there is life!

(I also am experimenting with Photoshop filters. This one is a bluish filter.)