Yes. I missed more days. I was doing GREAT til I had a trying period in my life, and I have not gotten completely back into the habit yet. Sigh. So I am missing Days 52, 53, 54, and 56. Add it to the list! LOL

Day 55 (5-11-11)
This is Bette. She is a resident of my veterinarian's office. She is so named because of her "Bette Davis eyes." She's gorgeous!

Day 57 (5-13-11)
On my Flickr page, I titled this "Lucky?...not so much." My purpose for naming it this is because they were growing in my flowerpot, and I ripped them up; and, they remind me of four-leaf clovers, but they're not, because they only have 3 leaves...but I'm still not sure what they're called. But I didn't draw the connection between being "unlucky" and it being Friday the 13th. How appropriate! ;)