Holy crow!  That 365 I started (Holidays and Observances) turned out to be WAY harder than I expected!  I made it about a month.  Not only did I have to come up with something for each holiday, but I had to research the holidays themselves!  *pantpantpant*

Well, I have a TON of photos I just realized I have not gone through.  I have photos from a trip to my aunt's house in the mountains, a hike at a nearby state park, fireworks from two (TWO) years ago...so I think I should get started on those! 

I haven't really done any challenges recently.   As a migraine sufferer, it's difficult for me to do a daily challenge.  For several months I was involved in a Flickr weekly challenge in which a random member of the group searched your photostream and challenged you to something you don't normally do; however, it came to a point where I was so uninspired that if I did finally have a good idea before the deadline, I was scrambling to get a good shot and wasn't able to really put good work into it.  So I took a vacation from that for a while and focused on just admiring the beauty around me, which is a bit of a handicap, since that's most of what I do.  Maybe I should be a National Geographic photographer. 

So anyway, in the next little bit, I am going to try to get a few posts out on some of my recent work, and possibly a medley or two like this one or this one I posted a while back.

I've also got a list of ideas going on my iPhone, of which I've done probably 1%.  So I'm going to try to start working on that list.  A couple of projects in my {hopefully} near future, when we have a little extra cash coming in, is to purchase black and white film for my uncle's 1940s Brownie (obviously B&W, lol) and my dad's 1980s Pentax.

Hang in there with me!