My first post under the new brand!  Today it's travel photography.  Black Mountain, North Carolina is one of my favorite places on the planet.  It's small, historic, and artsy.  What more could a girl like me want??

You can find art of any kind from the reasonably-priced to the "I-have-more-money-than-I-know-what-to-do-with" priced.

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Cherry Street is the main historic/artsy area.

Town signboard.  How quaint is that?  (I'm sorry...but that's the only
word I can come up with!  It is!!!)

The architecture in this town is simply amazing.  I could stare at it all day.

 There are lots of these cute handpainted rocking chairs all around this part of town in groups of three.  One of my favorites that I didn't get a shot of was the Cheshire Cat rocker.

Love the chickenwire painted on this one featuring the
Common Housefly kitchen specialty store.

There was also an incredible amount of natural areas all over the place, including potted plants, trees, and creeping greenery on the fences.

The town is especially welcoming to the walking shopper.  You want to go in EVERY store! 

Bramblewood is one of my MOST favorite shops.
Vintage in the front, Christmas in the back!

I absolutely loooove these antique lamps.  I want them all!

And my THIRD favorite store (you'll see the second later) is the Chifferobe!


More storefronts...

Yes.  That is an actual pump on that sign.

It's practically a MURAL.  On a HARDWARE STORE.  LOOK AT IT.
Who else would go to such trouble?  These people love their town!

THIS is my second-favorite store, the Seven Sisters.  Alas, it's a local art
gallery, so no photography is allowed.  But you can go ogle the wares
on their website!
(This town has a TON of powerlines.  What's up with that, folks?  Maybe
y'all should invest in some solar panels, or something.  ;)

I loooove these lights. And the brick.  Brick, brick, everywhere, brick.

The last shop of the day:  Kilwin's!  OMG.  BEST. STRAWBERRY. ICE CREAM.

Are you drooling yet?

Look at these darling little candies!  (Click the pic to see it bigger!)

Well, that's it.  Hope you enjoyed the first post!  I have LOTS more to share that I have barely begun to look through!  Later, y'all!